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شركت محورسازان سدید

شركت محورسازان سدید درسال ۱۳۸۶ با هدف فعالیت در زمینه احداث پروژه های عمرانی و صنعتی با نام محورسازان اروند پارسیان تأسیس گردیده است. این شرکت به عنوان یک شرکت در بخش خصوصی، پروژه های متعددی را در رشته های راهسازی ، راه آهن ، ساختمان و … را به اتمام رسانده است.

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Phone: 0353827690

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Railroad Department
Railway department

Due to its high importance in reducing environmental pollution, reducing fuel consumption, high safety and high volume of passenger and goods displacement, the railroad industry has always been noted by government of developed countries. In recent years least developed countries are providing the essential infrastructure for the development of this industry by accurate planning in their own countries, and they are trying to join the development of the rail industry trend.

Due to the necessity for railroad transport development, I.R.I Railway Company has created a road map in order to develop this industry and attract potential investors. Hence our company is trying to cover few parts of the country’s needs by establishing our railroad department.

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