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شركت محورسازان سدید

شركت محورسازان سدید درسال ۱۳۸۶ با هدف فعالیت در زمینه احداث پروژه های عمرانی و صنعتی با نام محورسازان اروند پارسیان تأسیس گردیده است. این شرکت به عنوان یک شرکت در بخش خصوصی، پروژه های متعددی را در رشته های راهسازی ، راه آهن ، ساختمان و … را به اتمام رسانده است.

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Project Management Unit
Project Management Unit

The PMP project development process in our company includes documenting all necessary steps to define, prepare, coordinate, and integrate all subsystem applications throughout the life cycle of the project. This plan also describes how to run, monitor and control the project. The content of the PMP depends very differently on the dimensions, complexity, organization requirements and as a result of knowledge management areas of the project. In the maximum state of this program, the following topics and documents are included:

  • Describe the processes selected by project team members
  • Level and amount of implementation of selected processes
  • Describe the tools and techniques for implementing selective processes
  • How to manage project management processes and interactions between them (communication between inputs and outputs)
  • How to carry out work to achieve project goals
  • How to monitor and control changes
  • How to use the configuration management
  • How to use and maintain the integrity of performance indicators
  • Describe the needs and techniques of communication between stakeholders
  • Describe how key management reviews works with open issues and pending decisions
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