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شركت محورسازان سدید

شركت محورسازان سدید درسال ۱۳۸۶ با هدف فعالیت در زمینه احداث پروژه های عمرانی و صنعتی با نام محورسازان اروند پارسیان تأسیس گردیده است. این شرکت به عنوان یک شرکت در بخش خصوصی، پروژه های متعددی را در رشته های راهسازی ، راه آهن ، ساختمان و … را به اتمام رسانده است.

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Phone: 0353827690

موقعیت مکانی ما

Foreign Trade Department
واحد بازرگانی
Foreign Trade Department

Since the number of our activities in EPC projects has been expanding in recent years, we need to supply required materials and equipment from other countries, therefore International trade department was established and it made close and continuous links with internationally recognized suppliers. Some of the department’s recent activities are as followed:

  • Rails purchase contract with Pengang Co. China,
  • Rail Fasteningpurchase contract with Panel Co. Turkey,
  • Rail Fasteningpurchase contract with Railtech Co. France,
  • Contract for the purchase of railway gears with the company Vossloh Germany
  • Superstructure Mechanized Machinery purchase contract with Plasser & Theurer Co. Austria,
  • Became a member of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce and Industries
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