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شركت محورسازان سدید

شركت محورسازان سدید درسال ۱۳۸۶ با هدف فعالیت در زمینه احداث پروژه های عمرانی و صنعتی با نام محورسازان اروند پارسیان تأسیس گردیده است. این شرکت به عنوان یک شرکت در بخش خصوصی، پروژه های متعددی را در رشته های راهسازی ، راه آهن ، ساختمان و … را به اتمام رسانده است.

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Phone: 0353827690

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About us

Mehvarsazan Sadid Company was established in 2007. The scope of our company’s activities is in all of the civil fields, such as heavy construction, infrastructure works, urban and suburban roads construction, railroads repairing and cementing, bridge building and pavement, special buildings construction such as stadiums and industrial structures. Now our company has 10 years of experience and have been active in civil projects continuously and have been serving at increasing railroads’ capacity projects of I.R.I Railway Company.

We have received 1st grade certification in roads & urban development field, 3rd grade certification in building field, 4th grade certification in facilities and equipment field and 5th grade certification in water field. Also we have been awarded “Archaeological Restoration” certification from “Management and Planning Organization of Iran “ as well as international credentials in the field of quality and safety management.

Some of the reasons why we have been serving continuously are principles such as attracting trust and satisfaction of clients, upgrading technical knowledge and experience of employees and prioritizing the quality of our services above everything else.

Due to the span of our works, our specialized abilities have been increased. By project oriented management vision and also planning correctly according to our senior management’s strategies, the efficiency of our financial sources, human labors, machinery and equipment have been increased significantly.

Our company’s target alongside completing our under-construction projects with the use of modern engineering methods, in the minimum time possible while keeping the quality and quantity, would be resulted in our company’s stability and bright vision on the development horizons.

We are proud of our commitment to service and respect for world-wide values such as quality, safety, and environmental protection as a prestigious position among the reputable and large contractor companies in the country. By successfully completing our projects, we have been able to make a lasting growth and take great strides towards achieving our goals and outlooks.

  • Improvement of the group’s position with a credible domestic and foreign development institution with an emphasis on entering EPC projects.
  • Efforts to increase customer satisfaction, improve quality and continuously improve the integrated management system by identifying, implementing, controlling processes and setting organizational goals.
  • Execution of projects within the framework of the schedule and expected quality level.
  • Supply of equipment and machinery efficient, suitable for project requirements.
  • Commitment to maintaining employee health, reducing work-related accidents, and maintaining customer equity by identifying, assessing, controlling and targeting occupational hazards to reduce the risk during project implementation, and observing applicable laws and regulations.
  • Commitment to environmental protection and prevention of significant contamination including pollution of water, soil and air, through identifying, monitoring and setting targets for significant environmental aspects during project implementation and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Promote employee participation culture in all matters to enhance productivity and manage cost optimization.

Board of Directors


Mohammadhossein Ziaei

Vice Chairman

سید حسین دستمالچیان

Seyed Hossein Dastmalchian

Chairman of the Board

سید احسان آستانه داری

Seyed Ehsan Astanedari



Mehdi Ziaei

Member of the Board


Mohammad Reza Karimi

Member of the Board


Omid Mirjalili

Member of the Board

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